Parting is such sweet sorrow…


Thanks for a great semester, listeners!

Stay tuned on Burn After Listening’s Facebook page for updates on this upcoming Spring semester! Though the show that I host might change, I intend to be a part of WECB for the remainder of my time at Emerson.

Thanks for unleashing your inner freak with me for an hour every week, and supporting our little student-run radio station. 

All the love and creepy eye-contact,
Gaby Mikorenda


Ep. 8 – Love

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Ep. 8 – Love


I take on the podcast’s most bizarre topic yet: love! What is love? A feeling? A term? A biological reaction? A greasy pizza? I may not have all the answers, but I do pose some interesting questions with style.

Ep. 5 – The Lost Colony

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Episode 5 – The Lost Colony

In which I discuss the Lost Colony of Roanoke! I will attempt to differentiate fact from fiction regarding the true story behind the historical mystery. What really happened to the Croatoan locals and the 117 European settlers? Has too much time passed to truly tell?

Ep. 3 – It’s a Spooky World

Ep. 3 – It’s a Spooky World

I take look at different Halloween-esque traditions and creepy urban legends from around the world in the spirit of the season. Expect some spooky tunes, a special pre-recorded segment, and a count-down to the song that I deem to be the grand master of all spooky songs.

This episode is BYOC: bring your own candy.

Welcome, listeners!

Hey guys, Gaby here! I’m excited to announce that along with the Burn After Listening Facebook page, I will now be running a blog here on WordPress. Through this blog, you will be able to get updates from the show, download the podcast files from past episodes, and get the full track list of music that I play within each subsequent show.
I’m excited to get started. So, if you will, join me in taking this next step towards the infinitely fun and terrifying world of internet blogging.